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"You make your money on the buy." It's a great saying that still holds true. But different markets create different situations. Sometimes you miss the boat not buying at all. Ad Astra Realty knows income property. Because we manage hundreds of rental properties throughout KC we have an all inclusive understanding of what tenants are looking for in a suitable home while being fully fluent on what makes financial sense to a real estate investor looking to purchase a property for rental purposes. And because of our experience we can help protect you on the transfer of the property from Seller to Buyer.


Just as it sounds, we can help you identify a future rental property that is priced under the market enough so that you can buy the property, rehab the property and then hold the property while generating rental income. We expect an equity egg to be created wherein you have your actual money equity but you also have a "sweat equity" margin that is real and will pay dividends in the future...as well as the rental income that you generate over the years. We can also help you with finding and selecting contractors and coordinating the rehab.


Just as it sounds, we help you identify a rental property that will be popular with tenants and that will help you generate rental income as the years go buy. We suggest buying in neighborhoods that will continue to appreciate along with the Kansas City area average...or better.

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Buying a home is a big decision - one that I would love to help you with! The articles and resources on this page are complimentary and part of the many services I offer. Please contact me if you have any questions about buying a home in Olathe or elsewhere in Kansas. To search for homes that match your specific criteria, please click the button below.

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