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Ad Astra Realty Property Management is a full service property management team that offers an all inclusive, one stop experience. We work everyday with owners from both coasts of the United States, Canada and beyond. And of course, we have investment property owners that live and work right here in the Kansas City area.

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We fully understand that a property manager can make or break an investment property. Since 2006 Chris and his team have been managing investment property in the Kansas City area. There are a lot of differences when it comes to managing in Kansas and Missouri.

Here are a few you need to be aware of:

  • Missouri requires a real estate license to manage property
  • Kansas does not require a real estate license to manage residential property
  • Many cities in the metro area require rental property licenses
  • Kansas City, MO has an additional earnings tax of 1%
  • Did you know some area cities have their own document requirements?

Because of the state line, the legislative and the cultural differences of the two states it's important to work with a property management team that knows where they are and what will work, and what won't. Our team has residents of both states on staff.

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Kansas City Property Management

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Ad Astra Realty, Inc manages homes in the Greater Kansas City area, including both sides of the Kansas/Missouri state line. In general, you will find better cash flow when you buy properties in Missouri, and you will find better appreciation when you buy homes in Kansas. Rest assured that when you are looking for a property manager that we are well versed in the different neighborhoods of Greater Kansas City. And if you are an investment property buyer, we are here to help you discover which neighborhoods would best fit your goals and your portfolio.

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