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Since Chris Lengquist received his real estate license in 2002 he has helped hundreds of real estate investors from coast to coast to create a "Retirement worth having" buying, holding and selling income property right here in the Kansas City area.

Through the years Chris has built a team of real estate professionals that can offer a turn-key solution to your real estate investing needs.

"You make your money on the buy." It's a great saying that still holds true. But different markets create different situations. Sometimes you miss the boat not buying at all. Ad Astra Realty knows income property. Because we manage hundreds of rental properties throughout KC we have an all inclusive understanding of what tenants are looking for in a suitable home while being fully fluent on what makes financial sense to a real estate investor looking to purchase a property for rental purposes. And because of our experience we can help protect you on the transfer of the property from Seller to Buyer.

Any Kansas City area real estate agent can list your home. But can they sell it? Chris Lengquist and the team at Ad Astra Realty know how to price your rental property so that it gets sold. There is a huge difference between how to evaluate the pricing of a single family home and a multi-family housing complex. We use comp based analysis for one style of home and commercial based returns analysis for other kinds of properties. The bottom line is you want the property sold to move on to the next part of your life. We can do that for you.

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Chris has been involved in many 1031 tax deferred exchanges over his years as a licensed real estate agent in Kansas & Missouri (and formerly Oklahoma) and is fully cognizant of the time and replacement property limits placed on the parties involved. Chris and Ad Astra Realty will work with you to be sure you stay on schedule and secure the replacement properties you desire.

KC Property Manager operates under Ad Astra Realty. Since 2006 Chris and his team have been managing real estate investor properties in the Kansas City area. From Gardner, KS to Gladstone, MO. From Blue Springs, MO to Bonner Springs, KS KC Property Manager works with owners and tenants as an intermediary to take care of the daily tasks that come with being an investment property owner. Pricing, move ins, move outs, rent collection and maintenance issues are just a few of the items that are part of the daily routine of property management that we can take off your plate.

Real estate investing means so many different things to so many different people. Chris and the agents at Ad Astra Realty specialize with working with investors who are looking to secure a "Retirement worth having."

Just as it sounds, we can help you identify a future rental property that is priced under the market enough so that you can buy the property, rehab the property and then hold the property while generating rental income. We expect an equity egg to be created wherein you have your actual money equity but you also have a "sweat equity" margin that is real and will pay dividends in the well as the rental income that you generate over the years. We can also help you with finding and selecting contractors and coordinating the rehab.

Just as it sounds, we help you identify a rental property that will be popular with tenants and that will help you generate rental income as the years go buy. We suggest buying in neighborhoods that will continue to appreciate along with the Kansas City area average...or better.

Schedule a consultation with an Ad Astra Realty agent today. We can sit down with you and identify your goals and what it is that you bring to the table to help achieve those retirement or income goals. We can make a plan. Then we can go out and put that plan to work to get you started, or continuing, on your path to a "Retirement worth having."

Real estate investing in Kansas's what we do.